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Business growth

The projects I led as a consultant and the responsible executive, were preceded by previous experience in key business segments, relevant to each project individually. Initially as a junior and intermediate, and later by participating in the conception and reorganization of individual projects, I gatherer senior level knowledge from several different branches of business.

With a strategic development plan, communication and research, I aim to improve the business for the benefit of the company, taking into account the satisfaction of clients and partners, company employees and end customers, all together resulting in significant benefits to the whole operation.

Through various phases, from analysis to project implementation, some major steps of realization that I follow in projects are:

  • understaning the goal
  • product and service analysis
  • market, business and competition analysis and forecasts
  • analysis of customers/clients interests
  • analysis of technical requirements
  • evaluation of resources and needs
  • presentation of ideas and solutions
  • changes and suggestions
  • implementation of the project plan
  • launch preparations
  • analysis, testing and survey of results
  • continuous adjustments

As a member of an organization's executive team, it is important to provide leadership, management, and vision to ensure that the business has effective people, operational controls, and administrative and reporting procedures in place, to guarantee the success of the projects.

Successfully launched projects:

  • Implementation of VAS-Services
  • Implementation of social media platform
  • Creating a business plan
  • Setting up an e-Learning platform
  • Development of software products

Personally, I think that every business has unused potential. What do you want to make of your business? Do you want to keep it where it is or do you want more? Is the company trying to overcome obstacles by evolving and becoming better than the competition, or is there maybe a wish to become simply the best? Is there some new idea which could turn the whole business and make a new big thing, that would conquer the market, maybe even the world?

Contact me and let's see what we can do together!