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In the early years of my career, I have started working with telecommunications. In over ten years of experience, I was challenged in several projects with high demands both for the company and business owners, in order to provide high quality services and products with long lasting impacts.

By being able to provide complex services for challenging applications with premium charged content, I was able to get the best out of the projects with all the benefits for the business and customers. My approach in the beginning of each project was to distinguish the most important advantages which would contribute to the final goals.

The variety of different situations within the projects allowed me, through effective delegations and negotiations, to successfully implement strategic goals.

Successful launched telecommunications projects:

  • public parking payment
  • public transportation payment
  • event tickets sales
  • info services
  • televoting
  • live streaming payment solution
  • location-based services
  • mobile advertising
  • entertainment services
  • donations
  • M2M-Communication
  • WAP-Content and subscriptions