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For those who sill might not be acquainted with the concept of enterprise integration, here is a short clarification.

Companies have been developing, buying and implementing various types of software for years now, which led to the problem that all those systems work mostly for themselves. Because of various reasons, there is a need to connect and to combine data from those applications. And that is where the integration comes in.

Solutions that have been implemented in the last few decades are nothing but similar. Some are based on modern RESTful APIs, some use SOAP protocol, some are old-school monolithic solutions, sometimes it is just a database. MuleSoft as a part of the Salesforce family, offers a good solution for solving these problems. Mulesoft's Anypoint Platform offers reliable and modern solutions to design, model, simulate, validate, build, test, deploy, manage, publish and govern APIs that can connect, manipulate and transfer data between each of the systems.

The enterprise integration is the next big thing. That is why I took part in creating Friend of MuleSoft (FoMS). It is an all-in-one solution for all of us who are working with the MuleSoft Anypoint Platform. FoMS is place where it is possible to find answers on your questions, meet other experts, find help for exams, take part in the FoMS School that we created and get a certificate issued by FoMS.

You can visit or even become a member of Friends of MuleSoft right here.

My experience in the field of the enterprise integration extends through various projects:

  • integration of various Salesforce solutions for a leading multinational food and drink processing conglomerate corporation
  • bidirectional SOAP to legacy integration solution for the leading telecom operator in Switzerland
  • mostly RESTful API based integration of various systems in the application network of a car manufacturing corporation from Germany
  • ...